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There is no good in much of their secret conferences save (in) whosoever enjoineth charity and fairness and peace-making among the people and whoso doeth that, seeking the good pleasure of God, We shall bestow on him a vast reward. (Al-Nisa, 4:114).


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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Oil-payments to Kelantan : honouring our agreements : The Government has now responded to Kelantan’s claim to a portion of the profits derived from petroleum resources extracted offshore by PETRONAS.

Its response violates the letter and the intent of a solemn agreement signed between each State Government and PETRONAS under the Petroleum Development Act.

That agreement is made out in language simple enough for a schoolboy to understand, in both Bahasa Malaysia and English.

The Constitutional rights of the people of Kelantan are denied. However this has implications far beyond Kelantan:

Friday, January 29, 2010

Uighurs returned to China 'disappear' says rights group.

(New York) - The Chinese government should disclose the status and whereabouts of ethnic Uighurs repatriated against their will from Cambodia and allow the United Nations, lawyers, and family members to meet with them, Human Rights Watch said today.

Israel Assassinated by Electric Shock a Senior Hamas Commander in Dubai

29/01/2010 |  Israel has assassinated a senior Hamas military commander in Dubai, an official in the Palestinian Islamic resistance group said on Friday.

Mahmoud al-Mabhouh, who was assassinated on January 20 by Israel in Dubai, was killed by electric shock after an electrical appliance was held to his head and had already escaped several past attempts to kill him, according to his brother.

Discusing the London Conference on Afghanistan with George Galoway.

George Galoway handling & discussing the Aghanistan : London Conference air on Press TV

Iraq Inquiry: Tony Blair gives evidence amidst protest.

Vid 1 : The former prime minister is grilled by the panel on the threat of Saddam Hussein, meeting with George Bush and WMDs

Vid 3 :  John Laughland from the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation told RT that Blair concealed the real aims of the war.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Afghanistan (occupation??) conference opens in London | January 28th, 2010 

A major international conference on the future of Afghanistan has opened in London with over 60 countries taking part.

'US plan to reintegrate the Taliban is doomed'

How to get international troops out of Afghanistan, and replace them with local forces? That was the crunch issue being discussed at a 70 nation conference on the future of the war-torn country. One plan involves tempting Taliban fighters to leave the insurgency behind, and take up civilian jobs. Sabah Al-Mukhtar - President of the Arab Lawyers Association in London - says the attempt to induce Western values in Afghan society is doomed to fail.

Russia 'free to sell Iran weapons', will help Iraq mission.

To help ongoing US-led military operations , Russia is ready to supply Iraq and Afghanistan with weapons and military hardware. That's according to the country's top military export company Anatoly Isaikin says some NATO forces already use Russia's weapons and that they're keen to continue working with the country in terms of arms supply. He also said Russia still considers Iran a valuable customer. This follows a delay in supplying Iran with the sophisticated S-300 missile defence systems.

Britain Hosts Meeting on ( occupying??) Yemen

Britain hosts a one-day meeting on Yemen January 27th with foreign ministers and senior officials from the United States, Europe, Gulf nations and elsewhere. The immediate focus is how to deal with the threat of terrorism from Yemen. As VOA's Sonja Pace reports from London, the meeting was prompted by the alleged attempt by a young Nigerian man to ignite explosives aboard a US airliner on Christmas Day.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Making amends with the Taliban.

Money, Land, and job training are just some of the incentives being used to entice Taliban members to lay down their arms. The U.N. even said it would lift sacntions on Taliban members in an effort to make peace. We visit with blogger Gregg Carlstrom about these incentives for peace

In the Caucasus, a Web of Alliances and Animosities.

As tensions continue over the Nagorno-Karabakh region, neighboring powers are attempting to manage the conflict to their own ends. But analyst Marko Papic says Russia, Turkey and iran also risk being drawn into a conflict they cannot control.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Ali Hassan Al-Majid executed in Iraq.

Ali Hassan al-Majid, the cousin of former Iraqi president Saddam Hussein, has been executed in Iraq for crimes against humanity. 25 Jan 10

Later recognised as one of the president's most feared military leaders, al-Majid's rise to power came only after his cousin became president. It was under Saddam that Majid became a general, defence minister and trusted member of the president's inner circle, and forged a reputation as a strongman.

Israel bars Belgian development minister from Gaza

EUobserver - LEIGH PHILLIPS  |  25 Jan 2010

Israel blocked Belgian development minister Charles Michel from entering the Gaza Strip on the weekend, arguing that the visit would give symbolic support to Hamas. Separately, Palestinian Authority officials have warned the EU against moving towards offering the militant Islamist group any form of recognition.

 A Hamas rally in Ramallah 

What went wrong in the 1967 Arab-Israeli War.

The Six-Day War, also known as the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, the Third Arab-Israeli War, Six Days' War, an‑Naksah (The Setback), or the June War, was fought between Israel and Arab neighbors Egypt, Jordan, and Syria. The nations of Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Tunisia, Morocco and Algeria also contributed troops and arms to the Arab forces.

UK Government knew that Iraq war was "illegal".

Two former Foreign office lawyers have claimed that the Government had been "clearly advised" on the legality of the Iraq war.

A review on last weeks news.

A review on last weeks news, programs and documentaries on Press TV - reality checks: Afghanistan - attacks, Sudan - civil war, Palestine - blitz, Iran - assassination, Haiti- earthquake, Egypt's steel wall, Gaza - tunnels, Iraq - war inquiry, Iranian - nuclear case, Republican's win in US and a castle in Iran.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Muslim Brotherhood blasts violence in Nigeria

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has condemned the deadly sectarian violence between Muslims and Christians that has plunged central Nigeria into chaos.

In a Saturday statement, Egypt's Brethren censured the recent clashes between Muslims and Christians in the central Nigerian town of Jos and demanded a swift end to the bloodshed.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

People and Power - Breeding extremism

23 Jan 2010 - Al Jazeerah's People & Power as if assumes here that it is necessary for the American and NATO occupation force to clamp down Afghanistan to prevent the breeding of Islamic extremism in the three former Soviet Republics north of Afghanistan from coming to dominance and become the ruler of the day. 

Aljazeerah is playing the role of a subservient western media propaganda machine to legitimize the continuous occupation of Afghanistan. 

Afghans protest NATO raid for second day

Afghans, for the second consecutive day (picture), staged an anti-NATO rally to protest the killing of civilians by foreign troops in the country.

The protesters in the district of Qarabagh in Ghazni Province on Friday vented their anger against what they said was the killing of four innocent civilians, including two children, in Qarabagh on Wednesday and also against the threatening behavior of NATO-led forces.

Friday, January 22, 2010

US drops strongest hint of Iran blitz in months

In the strongest hint of war in months, a top figure in the US military warns of a series of 'contingency plans' in dealing with Iran's refusal to accept Western demands over its nuclear program.
Head of US Central Command David Petraeus told CNN on Sunday that in addition to crippling sanctions and international diplomacy, Washington is also considering "contingency plans" against Iran's nuclear installation. 

Hezbollah and Syria on alert fearing IDF attack on Lebanon

Syria and Hezbollah have gone on alert anticipating an Israeli attack on Lebanon, the London-based A-Sharq al-Awsat daily reported on Friday.

According to the report, Hezbollah has been monitoring with caution the reinforcement of Israel Defense Forces troops along the Lebanon border.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Decade Ahead: Changing Dynamics in the Middle East

Founder and CEO George Friedman explains the company's approach to forecasting and the fallacies of linear thinking in long-range predictions.

Dr. George Friedman discusses the rise of a new regional power and the implications for other parts of the Middle East -- one of many changes the world will experience by 2020.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Israel's assassination policy.

TRNN interviews relatives of recently assassinated men in Nablus, Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Viva Palestina Convoy - Special Interview

January 17, 2010 :  Special Interview with Mr George Galloway upon his return from his humanitarian visit to Gaza - Palestine as part of his Viva Palestina Convoy.

In the programme he talks about his experience and journey and the difficulties faced while waiting over the border in Egypt.

String of Zionist-sponsored anti-Iran conferences

At a time when the world’s attention is focused on the horrible crimes the Zionists perpetrated in Gaza exactly a year ago and continue to do so against hapless Palestinians today, the Zionists are busy demonizing Iran. There has been a spate of Zionist-sponsored anti-Iran conferences in the US, Canada, and Europe in recent weeks. The scale and scope of these conferences clearly indicate an officially sanctioned campaign launched by the Zionist State and its apologists to target Islamic Iran.

Monday, January 18, 2010

IRAN US RELATIONS -a short history



Israel - Turkey relations

Israel says Turkey ties warm; analysts skeptical

Sun Jan 17,2010 | ANKARA, Turkey – Israel's defense minister said Sunday that a daylong visit to Turkey had helped end an ugly diplomatic feud but analysts expressed skepticism that the trip would ease tensions rising since Israel's Gaza war.

The Afghan war and the 'Grand Chessboard'

Zbigniew Brzezinski on Afghanistan and the American strategy for Eurasia and the world. Brzezinski: Six months before Soviet invasion, we financed the Mujahideen

Zbigniew Brzezinski on Iran

Zbigniew Brzezinski: An Israeli attack on Iran would be a disaster. Bombing Iran would flare up the area into an unmanageable conflict & crisis area that may result in America's defeat which will lead to the demise of Israel. America must not allow Iraq's airspace to be used in attacking Iran.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Harakat Al-shabab Mujahideen hails Islamists’ demonstration in Nairobi.

MOGADISHU (Sh. M. Network) – Harakat Al-shabab Mujahideen officials have Sunday held press conference in the Somali capital Mogadishu and hailed the demonstrations organized by the Islamists in Kenya and against a clerics detained in Kenya, just a day after the Kenyan government said that Al-shabab was involved the riot.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nasrallah: Israel faces defeat in new conflict

BEIRUT: By Elias Sakr | Daily Star staff | Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah said Friday he was confident that any new conflict with Israel would see his group emerge victorious and change the face of the region. “I promise you, in view of all the threats you hear today … that should a new war with the Zionists erupt, we will crush the enemy, emerge victorious and change the face of the region,” Nasrallah said via video link to an Arab and international forum for resistance movements in Beirut.

“The future of this region is the resistance, dignity, freedom,” Nasrallah told an audience that included representatives from Iran, Syria and other countries, as well as Hamas’ exiled leader Khaled Meshaal.

Nir Rosen: Al Qaedas threat to US is a lie

RT's Anastasia Churkina sits down for an exclusive interview with journalist and film-maker Nir Rosen, who spends months ever year in the Middle East. Rosen talks about the truth behind Al Qaeda, Afghanistan and Iraq, and the real reasons for America's military involvement there.

Contracts of U.S. weapons worry Israel.

The United States has recently signed major arms contracts with several Arab states. Israeli officials have expressed concern about the scope and content of these agreements. Being that they are advanced weapons like anti-ship missiles and tank shells as well as bunkers.

STRATFOR starts selling Bomb Iran!

Dr. George Friedman of STRATFOR Security Intelligence discusses the next steps in the Iran nuclear stand off. The issue hinges round how much time Jerusalem thinks it has before it has to act unilaterally, and whether it believes it can count on the Obama administration for support.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Nato Forces Open fire on Civilians.

Afghan villagers protest 'Nato killings'

Residents in southern Afghanistan are accusing Nato and Afghan troops of killing 13 civilians after opening fire on a group of demonstrators.

Nato insists the only person killed was a sniper.

The shootings happened in Helmand province, where people were protesting against a raid in which troops allegedly destroyed copies of the Quran.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Israel changed the rules forever with Gaza airstrike

The air assault (picture) inflicted by Israel on Hamas targets in Gaza was not just a black Sabbath for the Islamist movement.

By Tim Butcher in Jerusalem | Published: 3:14PM GMT 27 Dec 2008

It was the day when Israel changed the rules forever in its conflict with Palestinian militancy.

Abhisit Visits Three Southernmost Provinces, Bomb Explodes in Yala.

BANGKOK, Jan 7 (Bernama) -- Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva left Bangkok on Thursday morning to visit the three southernmost provinces to follow up operation of Thai Khemkaeng (Strong Thailand) economic stimulus project and visit security officials who are stationed in the violence prone areas to give them moral support.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Afghanistan 2010: More deaths, but Taliban on the run

Intelligence failures may have contributed to an upsurge in Taliban activity recently and unless the system for sharing intelligence improves, the number of troops dying in Afghanistan is likely to increase dramatically. Nevertheless, Lawrence Korb says that Taliban gains will eventually turn to losses.

Iran Sanctions

The US-imposed deadline for Iran to cease it's nuclear program has expired, but any further action against the country is unlikely given the unwillingness of China to participate. Could this lead to a change in US strategy?

NEDA'S DEATH , other side of the coin?

During Iran's post-election unrest, a video of the alleged death of a young Iranian woman brought tears to the eyes of many. The clip was streamed repeatedly over the internet and became the focus of media attention in the West. However, an investigative television producer in Iran has made a documentary which shows another side of Neda's death. His work challenges the Western media account of the incident. What you're about to see contains graphic pictures.

US involvement in Yemen Analysis

Egyptian Authorities Free Ibrahim (Malaysian Student)

From Kuzaimah Idris | El-Arish (Egypt), Jan 7 - 2009

Ibrahim Mohd Azmi, a Malaysian citizen who was arrested by the Egyptian authorities for being involved in a protest demonstration here Tuesday, was freed at 3.30pm Wednesday.

A medical student at Bristol University, United Kingdom, he appeared tired after having been detained for almost 15 hours at a police station near here and the first thing he did on reaching back this port city was to call his family back home in Malaysia.

Solidarirty Protests in Israel and Egypt

Protests in Israel and Egypt mark the first anniversary since Israel's attack on Gaza last winter.

Hugo CHAVEZ to participate in Viva Palestina next convoy

George Galloway announced before leaving the Syrian Latikia port heading for the Egyptian Al Arish port that Venezuela President Hugo CHAVEZ will participate in the upcoming Viva Palestina convoy number 4 but without setting a time frame for the convoy.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Viva Palestina Convoy made it to Rafah

2pm: ever closer…
Galloway challenged in open convoy mtg to resign leadership! Delivered food ration to 7 of our prisioners. Waiting for them to be let out of truck so they can defecate!@Zhat
Briefing by Galloway. “We will now proceed to Gaza”. 1.5mil ppl in Gaza praying for our arrival; were watching us for 5 hrs on news. Galloway says EGY releasing detainees, will come with us to Gaza. But EGY has forced convoy 59 vehicles behind tho not the same 59 listed yesterday. The vehicles that not going Gaza will be taken by TURs to be given to PLE refugee camps in LEB and SYR. This decision is to avoid giving To Israel as EGY asked to do yesterday. Of the 59, 43 are those bought by USAs as specifically requested by doctors in Gaza + pickups, 4×4sAll other vehicles [more than 150 + aid] will enter Gaza. Those whose vehicles not allowed will travel with group to Gaza by bus. Convoy allowed to stay in Gaza for 48 hours. Last night 55 reported injuries on convoy side. Those taken to hospital are now back with us.Galloway said he is proud of those who fought back last night. Am not interested in poli speeches so this is it from me on the morn brief. We’ve been told we’ll have 48 hours in Gaza, but negs still ongoing about how many of our vehicles we can take in. – @juanajaafar

@GAZA 1858EET / 1658GMT

VivaPalestina heading to Rafah


Twitter : Convoy is moving at less than snail’s pace through gates of port compound, bound for Gaza. Every passport being checked. – @Pal_S_Campaign

Twitter : Some vehicles moving – but at snails’ pace – @YorktoGaza

Viva Palestina Convoy heading to Rafah
By Paul Woodward, War in Context, January 6, 2010

After a battle between Egyptian riot police and convoy members in Al-Arish last night, the convoy finally started out on the last leg of its journey a couple of hours ago:

“Vehicles very slowly exiting port gates now, heading to Rafah, insyaAllah.” - juanajaafar

Viva Palestina Update - From Gaza Side Explaining Egyptian Shootings [Press TV]

Special report from the Gaza side of the border between Gaza and Egypt. Explaining the shooting of 2 Palestinians by Egyptian Security Forces. Live Report from Press TV Correspondent Yousef al-Helou. Aired on January 6, 2010 at around 2pm GMT.

Clashes at Rafah Border - Press TV

Clashes at Rafah border during rally in support of aid convoy.

Turks protest Egypt's attack on Viva Palestina

housands of angry protesters in Turkey have staged a demonstration in the capital Istanbul to condemn the Egyptian police crackdown on a Gaza-bound aid convoy.

At least 55 people were injured in clashes that broke out between riot police and Viva Palestina activists at the Egyptian port of El-Arish on Tuesday, after Egypt said it would not allow 59 trucks for the relief convoy to enter the blockaded Gaza Strip.

Viva Palestina Convoy After Attack in El-Arish

Convoy still not moving. Will have to leave the sixty vehicules in exchange for six arrested. @YorktoGaza

 PressTVNews:  Turks protest Egypt's attack on Viva Palestina

Thanking everyone for all their support yesterday. Everything OK here. We are leaving for Rafah within hours for 48 hour stay inside Gaza. Till we enter we won’t know if it’s true or not. Things are settled here now so all looks good. Will text when in Gaza. – Derry to Gaza

Viva Palestina convoy: Seven arrested, including Malaysian

ELARISH PORT (Egypt) | Staronline: Wednesday January 6, 2010 MYT 2:21:47 PM

More than 10 members of the Viva Palestina convoy were injured, four of them seriously, and seven members arrested by Egyptian police during a protest here on Tuesday at 11.40pm local time.

Among those arrested was a Malaysian, Ibrahim Mohd Azmi, a University of Bristol medical student who was a convoy volunteer.

The protest was staged by Viva Palestina convoy members to protest against the decision by the Eqyptian government to bar 59 convoy vehicles from leaving here for Gaza.

Egyptian police attacks Viva Palestina aid volunteers

Just a few hours ago approximately 2,000 Egyptian riot policemen (picture) attacked and injured volunteers of the Viva Palestina aid convoy that were inside the port of Al Arish preparing to drive the convoy vehicles to Gaza to deliver medical supplies and other humanitarian supplies.

Reports through Twitter from convoy participants say that there were serious injuries to some of the volunteers who suffered blows to the head by baton wielding policemen (picture below). Some were taken out of the port compound in stretchers and many of the victims are being attended at a mosque at the port. There are reports that some of the Viva Palestina volunteers are missing.

Viva Palestina - Day 31 – Wednesday Jan 6 2010

Our crew physically ok, sounded shaken. Started whn Egypt said big vehicles & trucks had to b given to ISRAEL! Galloway said no. Eg negotiator walked out. 5 mins later riot police turned up.  Trouble seemed 2 start wn plain clothed Egyp police in compound started stirring things Thn riot police came in Mike & others vouch for this.
Galloway made a speech and calmed things down. Now everything is quiet. Team have been using bandages etc from ambulance…. saw the person stretchered off but doesn’t know more about this…. there is a mosque in the port and that is where people are being treated @YorktoGaza
Things are quiet now. Injured are reluctant to be taken to hospital unless Galloway guarantees EGY autho gives safe passage. 1 person just got rolled out on a stretcher. – @juanajaafar

Egypt police, activists clash over Gaza

At least three people were injured on Tuesday in clashes between Egyptian police and pro-Palestinian activists trying to get a relief convoy into the Gaza Strip, witnesses said.

Some 500 activists belonging to the convoy - led by charismatic and outspoken British MP George Galloway - broke down the gate at the port in El-Arish to protest against an Egyptian decision to ship some of the goods through Israel.

They blocked the two entrances to the port with vehicles, and clashed with police. A policeman and two protesters were hurt in the violence.

Viva Palestina - Day 31 – Wednesday Jan 6 2010 News from tweets

News from MSM are coming now  in..

Collections from tweets...

Latest Stop at 8 am (Kuala Lumpur)

@marmite_twit: Galloway made a speech & calmed things down. Now everything is quiet.

Arrested are from GRB, USA, Msia and Kuwaiti.

@marmite_twit: #VivaPalestina #Gaza got through again, Im told that 20 are injured and some ppl are missing

@lucidnitram: Media won't cover this w/o mass pressure - CALL YOUR LOCAL OUTLETS. Tweeting has limited impact

Photo of injured aid volunteers in #Egypt coming thru

@Palaestina: thousands demonstrate in istanbul in support of #vivapalestina

All quiet now. 6 arrests, lots of head wounds as cops started rock throwing. 1 serious injury stretchered out. #vivapalestina

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Egyptian riot police attack and injure UK aid convoy volunteers

Just before Christmas I reported on the Viva Palestina aid convoy that was delivering medical and educational supplies from UK to the Gaza Strip. I talked with those taking part and was deeply impressed by their commitment to their mission.

Egypt bent on stopping Viva Palestina Convoy !

Press TV, Mon 5 Jan 2010 @ 1700GMT: Folowup Interview with correspondent Hassan Ghani from El-Arish, Egypt where the Convoy is facing more hurdles from the Egyptian authorities. Ghani is travelling with the Viva Palestina Convoy enroute to Gaza.

Get News & Follow the convoy:

The Viva Palestina aid convoy to Gaza which left London on December 6th has been blocked

Hamas proposes coordination with Israel to open Gaza crossing.

For the first time, Hamas has proposed direct contacts and coordination with Israel on the subject of the crossings into the Gaza Strip, so that they may be reopened and renew the passage of goods and supplies into the impoverished Strip. However, Hamas says it will not honor any agreements Israel might reach on the matter with the government of Mahmoud Abbas in Ramallah. 

Abbas shelf life has expire.

Mossad chief: Time to overthrow Abbas

Bethlehem – Ma’an Report – Israeli spy chief Efraim Halevy berated the Palestinian Authority (PA) and President Mahmoud Abbas during an interview with Army Radio on Tuesday.

Do the right thing : Egypt !

Egypt opens Rafah crossing for third day.

Gaza – Ma’an – Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah crossing into Gaza for the third consecutive day on Tuesday, Gaza Ministry of Interior spokesman Ihab Al-Ghussein said.

Al-Ghussein said the Ministry had coordinated with Egyptian authorities to allow the transit of holders of international passports, students, patients and other travelers who have arranged their passage with Egypt.

Galloway convoy plans Gaza entry

Jerusalem – Ma'an – A long-delayed British-led aid convoy expects to enter the Gaza Strip via the Rafah crossing from Egypt at 2pm local time on Tuesday, the convoy's spokeswoman Alice Howard told Ma'an.

Viva Palestina Press Releases.

Mon, Jan 4, 2010 at 11:43 PM


My last message to all of you was that the Viva Palestina convoy members have arrived into Al-Arish and were just hours away from breaking the siege of Gaza.

Now, I report to you that in the past hour 157 Viva Palestina convoy members passports were taken away at Al-Arish airport by the Egyptian authorities. The Egyptians also removed the passport’s of British MP George Galloway and convoy leader Kevin Ovenden.

All passports were stamped in on entry but also received an exit stamp too. The Egyptian’s wanted 157 convoy members to drive tonight to Gaza and forget about the other 400 Viva Palestina volunteers that were yet to fly into Al-Arish tonight.

Egyptian authorities say that the 400 volunteers would not be allowed entry! Convoy members started a sit down riot and refused to move or leave without their fellow convoy Brothers and Sisters!

Sunday, January 3, 2010


I just got a message from the Derry to Gaza team on the Viva Palestina convoy with the latest developments which are not very good for the Convoy or Gaza, They are hearing that Israel will be performing "military" operations in the waters, and the convoy cannot pass through. This leaves them stranded and unable to make the deadline for crossing the Rafah border which Egypt has given them. When I get more updates I'll post them, that's it for now. Here's the message:

The boats were loaded with aid today and ready to leave for AL Arish, the plan was that we would meet them there, as we would fly to Al Arish and arrive before the boats.

However, the update is that the Israelis have just announced that they will be performing military operations in these waters and therefore the aid has no way of passing through these waters. So there is no point getting flights to Al Arish tomorrow as the aid wont be arriving. Of course, it now seems highly unlikely that we will get to the Rafah crossing between the 3rd and 6th when Egypt said the gates would be open to us. The Convoy is now brought to a total standstill. The Israelis have pulled a very dirty tactic here if what we are hearing is true. For now this is all we are hearing. More updates when we get them.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Hamas foils Shin Bet attempt to locate Shalit

Hamas says it has foiled an attempt by Israeli agents who were trying to collect information on where Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit is being held.

The head of Hamas' internal security service, Abu Abdullah, said the Shin Bet security service tried to gather intelligence through a cell of agents from the rival Fatah party, who once operated in the Gaza Strip.

Gaza Freedom March in Israel

International, Israeli, and Palestinian activists demonstrate around Gaza against Israeli imposed siege.

Palestinians mark anniversary of war on Gaza

Hundreds of Palestinians, Israelis and peace activists have staged a rally across the Gaza Strip to mark the first anniversary of Israel's offensive in Gaza.

Friday, January 1, 2010

About the Iraq Inquiry

The Prime Minister announced on 15 June 2009 that an Inquiry would be conducted to identify lessons that can be learned from the Iraq conflict. The Iraq Inquiry was officially launched on 30 July 2009. At the launch the Chair of the Inquiry, Sir John Chilcot, set out the Inquiry's Terms of Reference: