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There is no good in much of their secret conferences save (in) whosoever enjoineth charity and fairness and peace-making among the people and whoso doeth that, seeking the good pleasure of God, We shall bestow on him a vast reward. (Al-Nisa, 4:114).


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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Protest in the Village of Nabi Saleh, Palestine.

Today, the villagers of Nabi Saleh took creative non-violent action against the Israeli forces that violently suppress their weekly Friday protest. As they awaited a decision regarding the suspension of the Israeli football association from FIFA, the residents marched down the road holding up red cards and playing football. The occupation forces responded with sound grenades and tens of rounds of tear gas. The villagers were undeterred and returned to their game of football after the affects of the gas had worn off. The protest was in solidarity with the Palestinian footballers who are subjected to discriminative restrictions by Israel.
Read more about the weekly demonstrations in Nabi Saleh at:

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

NATO launches massive war drills on Russia's doorstep

Published on May 6, 2015 : NATO has launched massive war games on Russia's doorstep, with drills taking part in Estonia and Norway. Personnel from ten alliance members, including the US and the UK, are taking part.

‘Breaking Silence’: IDF soliders speak out on Gaza operation

Published on May 5, 2015 : The army says the activists have failed to provide any proof of their claims. Although Israel has been previously accused by the UN and human rights groups of disregarding civilian lives during operation 'Protective Edge'. RT is joined by Charles Shoebridge, security analyst and former British army officer.