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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

How Has Iran Paralyzed the Sanctions?

Sayed Hadi Mousavi- Tehran

When the leaders of the European Union first considered the oil sanctions as their last weapon against Iran, they didn't think that Iran would welcome such a move. 

European Union pushed by the United States was planning to sanction the Iranian oil industry that largely depends on the European investment and technology so that they could put much pressure on Iran over its nuclear program. But Iran seemed well-prepared for the whole plan and the effects of this embargo was easily controlled and countered. 

Iran has been trying to develop plans for self-sufficiency. A huge amount of budget has been allocated to research and development of applied sciences. Thus, Iran has many achievements in this field, and has many different scientific and applied methods to counter the effects of sanctions. 

Having to cope with these sanctions, the country has been able to demonstrate its abilities on self-efficiency by inaugurating many projects and organizing different scientific and applied exhibitions on the field of oil industry. 

But the most important act by Iran was the anticipated embargo by Iran on oil exports to some European countries before they can plan for alternatives considering that they are experiencing economic problems. 

On this note, Iranian Oil Minister, Rostam Qassemi said "Despite one-sided sanctions by the West, the Iranian oil export hasn't fallen at all and has harmed the Western economies and oil consuming countries. If these countries put aside their hostile stance, Iran is ready to resume its oil export. We know that the decision made by Iran, that is, to stop the oil export to some European countries, has had negative effects on their economy." 

Reuters news agency confirms the Iranian Oil minister words. In its analysis, Reuters writes: "As Washington and its allies tighten the screws on Tehran over its nuclear program, Iran is coming up with new ways to sell its oil -offering special deals to allies China and India, delivering oil to clients and swapping it for gold and grain." 

The news agency adds: "Washington, London and Brussels are doing their best to put up obstacles, but Iran is market savvy, these traders said, describing a number of ways Iran can avoid sanctions and continue to get its oil to market."