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There is no good in much of their secret conferences save (in) whosoever enjoineth charity and fairness and peace-making among the people and whoso doeth that, seeking the good pleasure of God, We shall bestow on him a vast reward. (Al-Nisa, 4:114).


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Thursday, September 27, 2012


Have you see a 'note' that says - hey, Malaysian forget about Iran's under Ayatollah Khamenei stance in International Affairs focus & give weight more to Egyp's under Morsi stance - for they are the Sunni (our Sunni brethren) and the later are Shia (a misguided lot)!

Being Parsi has it advantages & edge over the Arabs. Being Persian - their media can easily be dichotomized into those pro Velayatul Faqeh, though the America's media will try to confuse us between the so called Conservatives & Reformists on the one hand and those anti Velayatul Faqeh ranging from the terrorist MKO - Shah's royalists - and pro western democracy advocates. As such generally speaking the regime's or pro regime media will follow the SCO stance and their opposition will be along NATO's stance.

The Arabs are more diversified in all terms - regimes, religions & sects. Just looking regimes - several years ago made of mainly despotic absolute monarchy and nationalistic dictatorship. Only in the last couple of years with the Arab spring some form of popular democratic regimes are taking shapes or forms. Historically among them are those aligned to the Soviets and Warsaw Pact. While there are those that aligned to America and NATO. Geopolitics of the past - since Israel is well represented and cared by America, it appeared as if natural for the Palestinians to align to the Soviets.

For Western medias (read America and Western Europe) they are control by a handful of media Moguls - who are said to be generally 'Zionist'. This provide some form of 'unity of thoughts' -along Pro Zionist, Pro Israel stance. The West had poured in money and other forms of assistance to former pro Soviet groups including the Fatah faction of the PLO during the period of Western dominance after the fall of the Soviet State. However the resultant mellowed stance on Israeli occupation and ubiquitous, menacing Israeli settlements led to breakups within their ranks. Hamas for instance have no choice but to align themselves to the rising SCO.

As such within the Arab media their stance is separated within this two polars - SCO & NATO, depending on the regime or faction that particular media is align to. This slant in reporting created confusion on the Muslims readers. The recent speech of President Morsi of Egypt at the UN General Assembly is a classic case:

1] From MAAN : it is reported that.. "Mursi says Egypt opposes foreign intervention in Syria : Egypt opposes foreign military intervention to stop the civil war in Syria and prefers an inclusive, negotiated settlement, Egypt's new Islamist president, Mohamed Mursi, said on Wednesday." which is a SCO stance.
Wiki tells us about MAAN - :

2] From MEMO : it is reported that.. "Morsi speaks out at the UN on behalf of Arabs and Muslims : Our support for the Syrians will continue until they achieve their freedom by ousting the current regime which keeps killing the people day and night."  which is a NATO stance."
wiki tells us about MEMO - :

Pick your stance?