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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Was British government minister sacked because he won't support an attack on Iran?

Lib Dem MP Nick Harvey confirmed he considered his sacking as defence minister was linked to mounting speculation of a pre-emptive strike on Iran and the expectation that UK forces would be drawn in.

In September 2012, the United States and over 30 of its allies held thelargest naval exercises ever in the Middle East, with the British navy deploying four ships in the Gulf.
A LIBERAL DEMOCRAT Defence Minister has claimed he was sacked to avoid a damaging Coalition split over a pre-emptive strike on Iran.
Former Armed Forces Minister Sir Nick Harvey told friends that he was fired in the reshuffle to allow Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg to sign Britain up to an Israeli-US preventive strike to take out Iran’s nuclear installations.
Former Armed Forces Minister Sir Nick Harvey claimed he was sacked to avoid a damaging Coalition split over a pre-emptive strike on IranFriends of Sir Nick  (picture left) – who was handed a knighthood just days later – say that he could have embarrassed the Lib Dem leader by being too critical of Israel’s actions if he had still been in the key Ministry of Defence (MoD) post.
The row broke as sources confirmed that British intelligence agents are already deeply involved in attempts to discover Iran’s nuclear secrets.
It is also understood that the US has asked Britain to provide frigates to patrol the Straits of Hormuz, through which much of the world’s oil passes.
The sacking of the respected Minister took MPs and Army top brass by surprise. Party sources have insisted the move – which has left the Ministry of Defence staffed entirely by Tories – was due to Mr Clegg’s decision to accept Lib Dem ministerial jobs in other, more ‘voter-friendly’ Government departments.
original source  | 22 September 2012